Monday, August 3, 2009

Mrs. Obama's social schedule shaping up for G20

Over at my friend, Tom Buell's blog, Global Pittsburgh , there is an article on where some of the G-20 activities will take place.
These include Phipps Conservatory, Theresa Heinz farm, Rosemont, CAPA school downtown and the Warhol Museum.
Anyone needing a photographer to cover these events should contact me ASAP!

G-20 Partnership website content is improving

What started as an idea for disseminating information for the G-20 summit, has grown to include more information for the public as details start to unfold about the summit. Bill Flanagan also writes in a weekly eNewsletter about latest developments regarding this event. To get more information be sure to bookmark this website for the place to get up to date information:
Pittsburgh G-20 Partnership

Photograph is of J. Christopher Donahue, President and Chief Executive Officer, Federated Investors.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Working on another photo show proposal for G20

I'll be submitting a proposal to the Pittsburgh Int. Airport in a couple of weeks proposing a G20 photo exhibit of ASMP Pittsburgh photographers. There is not a better way to show off Pittsburgh to the world than large photographs hanging for all travelers to see at the airport. Stay tuned for more news!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Photo exhibit at Airport for G20!

Well right now it is only a plan and a proposal, but if things go well, visitors will be able to see wonderful Pittsburgh in all it's glory through photographs hanging at Pittsburgh International Airport during the G20 and through January of 2010.

I'm putting together a proposal this week for a photo show featuring the best photographers in Pittsburgh from the Pittsburgh American Society of Media Photographers(ASMP). With their help and cooperation, the show promises to be an amazing look at our city people, places, and entertainment. Proposal is due August 1st, so stay tuned for any developments and hopefully some good news on this amazing project!

Monday, June 22, 2009

WDUQ posts audio transcript of first brain storm session

Here is a sound recording of the first brain storming session for the Pittsburgh G20 held at Point Park University last Friday afternoon. I'm looking forward to attending tomorrow's event at Robert Morris University.

If you listen to the transcript about half way through, you will hear my ideas for a photo exhibit at the Convention Center that features Pittsburgh photographs. I think this will be a great way for many out of town visitors to view Pittsburgh because of the limited time they will actually have here in the city.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The public speaks...Pittsburgh G20

It was estimated that approximately 200 Pittsburgher's from all walks of life gathered at Point Park University today to start discussing what the G20 means for Pittsburgh and how Pittsburgh can best show off the assets of this great community. Ideas flowed fast and furious, some detailed, some just broad strokes and others just a little "out there". However, there were some great ideas fielded and many things to be considered before hosting this important summit. I did note that many of the ideas, though interesting, did not fully grasp the enormity of this event and how buttoned down the city will be in order to keep Pittsburgh secure and safe. Of course, there is a very small window of time that the G20 will actually be in town, and most of that time will be spent in closed sessions working. Contrary to what many might think, this will NOT be a working vacation for the media or delegates.

There were also many ideas for presenting Pittsburgh as a "Green" community and I think that is a positive. Anything to dull perceptions of our city as a smoky steel town should be implemented with gusto.

I attended the meeting trying to get a handle on who is actually in charge of pulling this all together and left with more questions than answers. Even the Mayor who was in attendance admitted there were more things he didn't know about the demands of the event than what he did. One thing is certain...there is precious little time to waste if Pittsburgh wants to put our best foot forward to the world media.

I presented just a very rough idea of what I would like to do... I am hoping to curate an exhibit of photography that shows off Pittsburgh to the world at an exhibit at the Convention Center.
I am anxious to get everyone from graphic designers, printers, labs, and PR people involved in this and have a number of ideas on how this could be done. At this time I'm holding some things close to the vest because I simply do not know the proper channels where this proposal should be submitted to. I do know that I have plenty of experience doing this kind of thing and that my many industry connections would be helpful and indeed anxious to be involved with this project.

Of course my book, Pittsburgh: A Photographic Portrait would also make an awesome addition to any "bling bag" given to delegates and the media as a photographic record to take home with them! I welcome inquiries from whomever will be in charge of the hospitality!

I'm looking forward to pushing this idea forward, as I know this is an idea that shouldn't get bogged down with concerns like security and public inconvenience. Cost to do this project can be manageable, it just needs to be presented to the correct planning committee. I welcome any comments or suggestions on how I can move my proposal forward and I'm confident that this is a fantastic idea and that the city would get a big bang for the buck if it would like to pursue my idea.

The next public meeting for ideas will be held on Tuesday, June 23rd at Robert Morris University from noon to 1:30PM. Stay tuned to this blog for more info. Here is the Pittsburgh Post Gazette article by Dennis Roddy about his impressions.